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XTEAM 2019


Dilhan Camlica


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After studying in different countries and working at the Brussels Chamber of Commerce, at Proximus and at Agilitas Group, Dilhan is now enrolled in an Advanced Master at Solvay. As a huge concentration of energy and happy ambition, he loves to travel, learn and share. On top of that, Dilhan is an idealist that strongly believes in an individual’s power to have an impact on its environment and in human relations. He started at TEDxULB as Head of Strategy & Marketing. His role is now to insure that all activities are aligned and that communication flows smoothly among all stakeholders. 

Félice Van Impe

Head Of Logistics

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Having a lot of business knowledge acquired by her master’s in business economics at the KUL in Belgium, and now doing an Advanced Master of Innovation and Strategic Management at the Solvay Brussels School, Félice wanted to put these business skills into practice by joining the TEDxULB team. She is an open-minded student who likes to set new goals like training for marathons, learning new languages, gaining more knowledge by reading books etc. She is very enthusiastic about the TED event and she wants to learn the most out of it. Next to this, she loves having fun with friends while sipping cocktails and eating desserts.

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Brieuc Lamaille

Head Of Speakers

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After finishing his Industrial Engineering studies at ECAM Brussels in 2018, Brieuc decided to broaden his business’ knowledge and therefore started an Advanced Master at Solvay Business School. Trying to grasp the most out of this last University year, Brieuc joined the TEDxULB team because it has always been a source of new insights and a way to hear and learn about thoughtful new ideas for him. This was the perfect opportunity to make his contribution to the organisation, certainly by taking responsibility for the 2019’s speakers.

Lilia Amico

Head Of HR, Logistics

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Crossfitter, Lilia is always looking for exceeding limits. Both in sport and real life, team spirit is a real value for her.

With a background in human resources and different experiences in the business world, Lilia handles different issues that affect our society. After having been at the head of her student organization and having managed a team of 15 people, she discovered the issues that arise around management and leadership. She is writing for the moment her dissertation on motivation to work in the Big Four environment.


Tim Van Overstraeten

Head Of Finance, Logistics

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Tim is a enthousiast Belgian student with a background in bio-science engineering. Ever since he graduated from high-school, has he been active in social organisations. He co-founded a party-organisation at the age of 18 years, was active in a youth movement as financial responsible, and has been president of a student fraternity whilest in university. He likes to swim and read in his free time, apart from grabbing a beer (or more… many more) with old pals.  

He is responsible to oversee the financial aspects of TEDxULB 2019, and aids in the logistics organisation.


Philip Weiss

CEO @ ZN Consulting

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Author of 'Hyperthinking', Phil Weiss is an entrepreneur and strategic thinker who has been working with leading corporations for the past two decades. He speaks for audiences around the world on range of topic related to digital communication, disruption, innovation and technology.  In 2009, Philip helped co-found TEDxBrussels ( He is today, with his team and company, the main support of TEDxULB.

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Bruno Wattenbergh

Senior Advisor @ EY

26 years of business practice as a consultant, a manager or a leader for private and public enterprises.
16 years of practice in General Management position (transforming and developing).
11 years Teaching strategy & entrepreneurship in business schools in Brussels and abroad and 9 years of daily Business chronicles on the radio.

Bruno is a mentor and a friend that has helped everytime he was called for.

Nicolas Henry

Operational Manager @ Solvay BS

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Co-founder of the TEDxULB and Operations Manager at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in Brussels, Nicolas’ motto is: "We're doing it to inspire and change the world!".

Considered as the senior of the team, he loves creating stuff, learn and drink coffee. One day, he wants to open a school, foster urban permaculture and hopefully make the world a better place. 


Yvan Belmonte Cespedes

Project Manager @ Solvay BS

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Yvan is currently Project Manager at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in Brussels. Plus, he is part of the TEDx adventure for the 3rdyear in a row. Curious he spends a lot of time reading all kinds of books, chess player, always very enthusiastic and full of energy he never stops.

His catchword? "Have less, share more".  He is once more bvery happy to be part of this human, unique and rewarding experience. 

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