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TEDxULB 2019 will be a full-night event featuring 7 talks. The live audience will comprise of a broad mix of top-notch speakers. From world ranked professionals, activists, entrepreneurs to disruptive artists and innovators, this year, TEDxULB wants to shake up the crowd regardless of attendees' backgrounds and walks of life.


Leaders from disparate industries will come together into one space to collaborate on crucial questions facing the planet and our future. They will share about their story, about how to mobilise and, especially, how to act ?

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Anuna De Wever

Kyra Gantois

Adélaïde Charlier

Anuna, Kyra and Adélaïde are three young Belgian students that have seen their lives and their environment change in the past months. Since they decided to support their friend and idol, Greta Thunberg, and stand by her convictions for climate actions, this trio has become the face of what a whole generation fights for.


Besides founding the movement Youth For Climate that gathered hundreds of thousands in our streets since the beginning of this year, they also support organisations such as Sign for my future that truely want to implement actions alongside raising awareness. At only 17, 20 and 18 years old, these young activists have one powerful message to share: "each can act and impact its environment".

Bruno Colmant

Titular Member of the Royal Academy of Science of Belgium, President of the Belgian Finance Club, Head of macro research at the bank Degroof Petercam, after working most of his life in the financial sector all around the world Bruno Colmant is a banker and an academic that teaches finance and monetary theory on several Belgian and foreign universities. He has authored more than 75 books. He has obtained his MBA from Purdue University (IN, USA) and his Ph.D. From the ULB.

His recent research adress climate change and social issues while exploring the financing of transition.

Cédric Engels

Born in 1987, Cedric started his musical career around the turn of the century. Hermanos Inglesos was born. An album followed on PIAS, which led to a signing with Sony Music. Cedric’s parents always had been most supportive of his choices, but his father insisted he’d have a back up plan ready. So while working on music, Cedric went to Law school and specialised in Copyright Law. In London, inhaling the inspiring power of the Thames’ shores, he realised more than ever that his path was clear: he wanted to continue in sound. And he did.


Back in Belgium, he founded Sonhouse to focus on ‘Sonic Branding’ as a true pioneer. Additionally, he develops sound identities for film and brands in an international context.

Stella Bida

Stella Bida is a game changer, a disruptor of the norm, an atypical. A women driven by her fundamental motto: “When it comes to success, everybody deserves it!” Stella believes that change and transformation are the ultimate conditions to make people and companies grow. With the right strategies, everyone can build their sustainable competitive advantage and be successful.

As an international Speaker, Stella has shared stages with thoughtful leaders across the world such as Steve Wozniak, Mel Gibson and Steven Bradburry. Her prize-winning work and projects have been recognised worldwide. In 2018, Stella was awarded as a “New Leader for Tomorrow” by the Crans Montana Forum and is featured in Gotha Noir d’Europe, which highlights the journey of inspirational leaders.

Aida Axelsson-Bakri

Aida Axelsson-Bakri is Ethiopian and Swiss and a real social entrepreneur at heart. Since the foundation of her company ADS Insight in 2001, she has been ardently fostering EU partnerships. Her main objective, based on genuine dialogue and long-term engagements, is to improve social and environmental standards.

Holding a MA in Environmental Science, Axelsson-Bakri’s expertise is fostered around European policymaking in the environmental, energy, transport and food sector. In the area of food safety, which includes agri-supply chains and nutrition, she has been involved in supporting the African Union Commission. Moreover, Axelsson-Bakri is passionate about social investments, particularly the strategic development of agri-business and women. Her most recent efforts include founding The LadyAgri Impact Investment Hub. Fluent in five languages, Axelsson-Bakri hopes to inspire other women and the youth to embrace social entrepreneurship.

Frédéric Pivetta

Frederic Pivetta is the Founder and Managing Partner of Dalberg Data Insights, co-Founder of Real Impact Analytics and is on the Board of several tech companies and international organizations.


Frederic defined a global leadership in Social Impact, Big Data and AI being part of panels at e.g. Harvard University and the World Economic Forum. Frederic has been co-leading the National Artificial Intelligence Plan for Belgium launched in 2019. Previously, he has been with McKinsey & Company for 8 year. Frederic graduated from Harvard University and Brussels University (ULB).

Olivier De Schutter

Expert in economic and social rights and on the relationship between human rights and governance, Olivier De Schutter served as United Nations Special Rapporteur on the right to food from May 2008 until 2014.

In 2013, he was awarded the Prix Franqui, Belgium’s top scientific award, for his contribution to the advancement of EU law, the theory of governance, and human rights law.

Olivier De Schutter is the first chair of the Belgian Advisory Council on Policy Coherence for Development and he co-chairs the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems, a group of experts from various disciplines and regions who work together towards developing proposals for food systems reform.

Olivier De Schutter is a Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain and at the College of Europe (Natolin). He is also a Member of the Global Law School Faculty at New York University and is Visiting Professor at Columbia University.

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