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Hi ! We are TEDxULB 2017 team


The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.” Marcos finished his Aerospace Engineering Degree in Spain. Looking forward to meet new challenges and to achieve his goals, he moved to Brussels to study the MSc in Electro-Mechanical Engineering at ULB, in the meantime he is working in the Semiconductor industry. Within the TEDxULB, he is taking care about the logistics management and trying to bring new ideas in order to ensure this is the greatest TEDxULB ever made.


Valérie is an open-minded and dynamic girl from Switzerland. She is currently pursuing an Advanced Master’s in Creativity and Marketing at the Solvay Brussels School after having studied communications at the ULB. Valérie’s role in the TEDxULB organization is updating the TEDxULB social media as well as contributing to the different marketing tasks. This is her first time organizing an event like TED and she is excited about learning new things and working with this awesome team!


Anne is a French & Belgian proactive student. She loves learning languages, drinking cappuccinos with her friends, reading books and discovering new places. She studied management in several countries and has been highly involved in student associations. She is now back in Belgium to study the Advanced Master in Creativity and Marketing in Solvay Brussels School. At the same time, she is working at TEDxULB to put her organisation and marketing skills into practice and create an unforgettable event together with a great team. She is responsible for the speakers, the website and is involved in other marketing tasks.


Yvan is studying Economics at the Solvay Brussels School and Management. His challenge within the TEDxULB team is to make valuable connections with partners who share our vision of Ideas Worth Spreading. Curious he spends a lot of time reading all kinds of books, chess player, always very enthusiastic and full of energy he never stops.

His catchwork ? "Have less, share more".  

Very happy to be part of this human, unique and rewarding experience. 


“Be the exception”; “Do not just do what others do”; “Don’t be a follower” that is a philosophy, a standard that I live up to - If others are smarter, have more talent or are more experienced; you still can win! Work harder! Study longer! Challenge yourself! And push yourself further than anyone else! In my opinion everything is achievable, if you simply choose to. Everything is a choice. Everyone can choose the present and the future. I chose to be a Business Management & Marketing Student in Brussels, to be an active member of Business Student Society Committee Brussels, to be a Jury member at Elevator Pitch Events in Germany, to be an Entrepreneur and to have an awesome experience by volunteering for TEDxULB. I want to do what I am passionate about and use my energy to create the success that I desire.


"We're doing this to inspire and change the world!" 
Nicolas has been organizing TEDxULB from year one and actively helps the teams to create the best TEDxULB yet!

He loves creating stuff, learning and, also definitely loves coffee. One day, he wants to open a school, foster urban permaculture and make the world a better one. Lets see what happens :p 


Camille is an energetic and positive-minded person with a background in Multilingual Communication and now specialising in Marketing at Solvay. She has been involved since a very young age in various volunteering activities through which she enjoys meeting new people. With a background in literature and languages, Camille relishes new opportunities to meet inspiring people along her journey. TEDx is for her one of these opportunities and she is very happy to use her positive energy to bring innovative ideas to the marketing of the event.

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