As a huge concentration of energy and happy ambition, he loves to travel, learn and share. On top of that, Dilhan is an idealist that strongly believes in an individual’s power to have an impact on its environment and in human relations. He started at TEDxULB as Head of Strategy & Marketing. His role is now to insure that all activities are aligned and that communication flows smoothly among all stakeholders. 

Head of TEDxULB

Dilhan Camlica

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As Head of Marketing, Rosanna leads a talented and creative team focused on TEDxULB’s digital content and outreach. She developed a strong passion for digital communication activities within Europe while working in newsrooms, for scientific projects and the European Parliament. Rosanna joined TEDxULB in 2019 as a VP Marketing and is now eager to pass on her skills to the next TEDxULB generation.
She holds German-Italian citizenship and currently finishes her Erasmus Mundus Master in Digital Communication Leadership in Brussels.

Head of Marketing

Rosanna Fanni

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Co-founder of the TEDxULB and Operations Manager at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management in Brussels, Nicolas’ motto is: "We're doing it to inspire and change the world!".

Considered as the senior of the team, he loves creating stuff, learn and drink coffee. One day, he wants to open a school, foster urban permaculture and hopefully make the world a better place

Co-Founder and Mentor

Nicolas Henry


Author of 'Hyperthinking', Phil Weiss is an entrepreneur and strategic thinker who has been working with leading corporations for the past two decades. He speaks for audiences around the world on range of topic related to digital communication, disruption, innovation and technology. In 2009, Philip helped co-found TEDxBrussels (tedxbrussels.eu). He is today, with his team and company, the main support of TEDxULB.

Mentor and Member of the informal Board

Philip Weiss


Dimitra is a Master’s student in Innovation & Strategic Management at the Solvay Business School of Economics and Management. An avid believer of the importance of finding your inner self, she embarked on the TEDx journey determined to bring together meaningful voices, capable of mentally stimulating and inspiring fellow humans. ‘’Mens sana in corpore sano’’: Guided from her experience in fitness and rehabilitation, Dimitra strives for a balance of body and mind, coupled with a desire for continuous self-improvement. Through TEDxULB, she decided to keep growing and help others do the same. And there is no going back!

Head of Guest Speakers

Dimitra Pappa

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Student in Management Science at Solvay, I have learned to embrace new knowledge and business skills by trying new experiences. Joining the TEDxULB adventure is one of them. Throughout my years at university, it was important to strive for progress and always pushing my limits. That is why, being a part of this organization for the second year in a row is a great opportunity to come around new people and ideas worth spreading.

Head of Sponsorship

Sylwia Siemieniuk


Equipped with a creative-cartesian mindset, Daphné decided to graduate in Architecture, followed by a MA in Creativity and Marketing from Solvay Business School. Driven by the passion to share ideas, she launched the first edition of TEDxULB 7 years ago together with Nicolas. Now, Daphné is up to new challenges and will soon launch her eco-entrepreneurial project.

Co-Founder and Mentor

Daphné Vlerick


26 years of business practice as a consultant, a manager or a leader for private and public enterprises.
16 years of practice in General Management position (transforming and developing).
11 years Teaching strategy & entrepreneurship in business schools in Brussels and abroad and 9 years of daily Business chronicles on the radio.

Bruno is a mentor and a friend that has helped everytime he was called for.

Mentor and Member of the informal Board

Bruno Wattenbergh


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