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Believers. Thinkers. Dreamers. This year TEDxULB 2020 will be an exclusive event about extra ordinary people. On the 22nd of October, 2020 leaders from disparate industries will come together to share their own "Misfits" story. How the nature of Misfits makes the world a better place, where “bold” and “inclusive” are synonyms of success.



Luc De Brabandere

Author, senior advisor to The Boston Consulting Group, co-founder of Cartoonbase, professor Luc De Brabandere introduces philosophy to the business world.


He believes that people naturally form frameworks, "boxes" to organize their thinking, which makes it extremely difficult to "think outside the box". Instead, he advocates for a new strategy: THINKING IN NEW BOXES. Luc De Brabandere specializes in this practical approach applied to scenario building, and strategic vision techniques to be incorporated in today's business sector.

His own definition of "Misfit" is: "When something new in the world doesn't fit with something old in the mind".

John Rizzo

John Rizzo is a computer science teacher. He started his career as a programmer with an easy task: how to program computers to serve humans well. Then he started teaching computer science: how to raise humans to program computers well. He now face a much more intimidating challenge: how to program humans do raise humans well.

With the aim to transform the 21st century schools he published his first book "Sauver l’école” in 2015. In his book he talks about whether the decline of the school system is inevitable and wondering if it needs to be changed to adapt to the needs of modern life and new communication methods.

Vannah Malila

Vannah is a former "plus-size" model, dedicated to coach women in modelling and empowering them. She is the founder of  the Curve project and pioneer of the body-positive movement in Belgium. 


Vannah signed with her first model agency at the age of 14. Despite her childhood traumas, the ups and downs throughout her, with a mission to serve and inspire the world she stands up for others and describes her work as the most beautiful trip of her life: her self-research journey. 


"Everything people would have called my weaknesses would become my strengths so that I could empower the world with it. “.

Przemyslaw Stanislaw Romanowski (SHEM)

Shem is Executive Administrator to the CFO of the National Health Service in Ireland. He participated in series of social projects with the goal to help refugees and asylum seekers.

As an adult, Shem went through periods of drug addiction, rehab, emigration, economic recession and several personal reinventions. Nevertheless, he always has faith in making the world a better place for the society. For him patience and persistence is the key to achieve goals.

Shem decries Misfits as "someone who chose his or her unique path, a path that elevates self-realisation above being a part of the mass”. 

Marc Vossen

Media Personality of the Year Award 2017 winner, Mac Vossen is the creator of several radio stations in Belgium since 1980. Being the CEO of NGroup, he frequently gives seminars

on impactful communication and inspiring leadership in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Marc believes that the media has a huge responsibility for the evolution of humanity. To engaged in the evolution of humanity he wants to spread love and optimism to the planet and the entire community. 

As Marc says "Today my role is to give higher purpose and joy to our dreams", a philosophy that led him to the implementation of constructive journalism, participative management and also CO2 neutrality.

Alexandre Lemaitre

Alexandre Lemaitre is Belgium's first Para Jiu-Jitsu athlete. He was the first to represent Europe at World's First International Parathlete Jiu-Jitsu Competition in 2017. He also participated as the first wheelchair model at Brussels Fashion Show.

When Alexandre was younger, the doctors told him that he will never be able to stand up out of the wheelchair due to the lack of muscles. Nevertheless, he never gave up and kept working hard to pursue his dreams in sports. 

By constantly striving for his goals and becoming more accepting of his body. He is proud to say that he could change mentalities, give people confidence and impact people's lives.

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