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TEDxULB 2017 - The Happy Generation

April 25, 2017

TEDxULB discovered what is the happy generation. Check out more!

TEDxULB 2016 - Staying Human

May 4, 2016

TEDxULB Explored what being human is. Check out more!

TEDxULB 2015 - Destructive Creativity

April 27, 2015

With destructive creativity we mean new, creative, innovative solutions and ideas that arise out of a destructive, negative environment. The “destructive” encompasses these difficult environments that eventually led to conflicts and the necessity to look for new solutions. Examples can be as straightforward as war or natural disasters, but also more subtle such as uneven playing fields due to gender inequality, religious conflicts or personal setbacks.

The “creativity” refers to original solutions that have changed or aim at changing this destructive situation through new technologies, new educational institutes or new channels, for example. There’s an important difference with the more known “creative destruction”. Creative destruction refers to the case where an old technology is replaced and an industry destroyed by a newer one.

The difference with our topic is that we start from a situation of conflict which then leads to a new idea. The fact that there is first a conflict or difficult situation is important to understand how much it required from the people involved to come up with their solutions.

TEDxULB 2014 - Are you ready for change?

June 26, 2014

The theme for this TEDx was "Are you ready for change ?" The world moves faster than ever. It was time to look at possible disruptions in very diverse domains of expertise. For the first time in the history, the Université Libre de Bruxelles was hosting a TEDx curated and organized by students with the support of speakers, volunteers, and the university.

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