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TEDxULB Speakers 2017

The Happy Generation

SEMIH YALMAN Founder of Dreams Talk + Soft Power Architect

A vibrant resonance who is in the search of nothingness… A student of life to serve the universe as a decoding processor. On one side leading a life in which he aspires to make the world dream again via DreamsTalk a social inclusion corporation he founded aiming to improve the imagination capacity and quality of humanity; on the other side university professor who aspires to touch many young souls; Semih chooses to poke people with his inner expression in the form of talks, books, music, poetry, philosophy,


visual arts as well as namaz and yoga flow. Excitement, aesthetics, relevance being his core values Semih aims to contribute via discovery, expression, perception and coexistence. He defines his core as love.

Having worked in multinationals and large conglomerates Semih Yalman chose to journey into his own. 

His education in literature, philosophy, communication and business provided him with the right mix of basic starting content to exploit further in life. 

Semih, also an expert on intangible asset management and soft power, owns a perception strategy consultancy business. 

Semih is the proud father of two children to those he wants to leave a good base of content for them to start exploiting and reason if they choose to explore into their own. 

As he points out you are your other half but you are what you dream of.



LAURA FISCHER Co-Founder of ONEN ENA and CWE Solutions + Artist and Art Educator

Laura is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of cross-disciplinary Art collective ONEN ENA in London, UK. 

She is also the Co-Founder of CWE-Solutions; community-led projects and consultancy in health and social care in London & Cornwall, UK.

Finally, Laura is an Artist and Art Educator, exhibiting in Switzerland, the USA and the UK since 2005.


CYRIL JAMELOT Managing Director at Sens 21 and Morpho Blue + International Marketing Consultant

Cyril Jamelot started in international marketing and consumer research amongst strong brands such as Yoplait, Coca-Cola in the UK and in Belgium, and Alpro.

He is now owning Sens21 and Morpho Blue, being an international marketing consultant and trainer as well as a professor in business schools and a keynote speaker.

His ambition is to boost the brands and the stakeholders with a new marketing based on emotions, inspiring objectives and strategies through human connections.


AUDREY NGOMSIK Consultant on Improving Sustainable Development and Operational Excellence                                                 
Audrey Ngomsik-Fanselow is French and has obtained her PhD in physical and analytical chemistry at the University Pierre & Marie Curie in Paris. For the last 16 years, she has been driving her career with full commitment towards fostering, developing, disseminating, implementing, and  commercialising in innovation in Green Chemistry and

sustainable development, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of companies.

She has started by developing novel green technologies and products to clean up the pollution resulting from industrial processes. She then moved upstream, developing sustainable processes in R&D, through scale up and implementation, thus helping industries to avoid the pollution she used to clean up.

Along the way she has developed novel materials for remediation, for textile fabrics, and for building insulation, as well as new products for food and cosmetics. This work has been done developing green technologies based on biomaterials, ionic liquids, nanoparticles, and super-critical fluids.

She has worked across all level of industry, working her way up from lab technician to general manager in different countries (France, UK, Netherlands, Malaysia, Italy).
She has also worked in a variety of sectors such as food, cosmetics, waste valorization, biorefineries, textiles, and material sciences.

By now, she has started the 2nd part of her career as a consultant. She is working as a governance manager in a multinational pharmaceutical company in Belgium. 


JEAN-LUC ROUX Specialist in Complementary Currencies and               Solidarity Economy
Jean-Luc Roux 
has  developed numbers of skills and  competencies regarding changing strategy, project management, environmental  policy, poverty policy, complementary 

currencies and neuro-management.

He has been active in Center Study and Training in Ecology (CEFE), King Baudouin Foundation (Management of the Belgium National Environment Fund),

WWF-Belgium (Program Director), Department for International Development - DFID ( Head of DFID - Cameroon), Greenpeace International (Head of the political unit).

Co-author of two books « Economy and Spirituality » and « S’approprier les clés de la mutation – Comprendre, innover, agir autrement » and co-author of « Douce Révolte » a documentary on complementary currencies in Europe.


LAURENCE VANHEE Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Happyformance and LoftOffiz


Laurence Vanhee is the founder and Chief Happiness Officer of the firms Happyformance and LoftOffiz, aimed at helping businesses, organisations and governments develop a business strategy based on the following formula "Freedom + Responsibility = Happiness + Performance".Between 2009 and 2013, Laurence, who was not the HR Director but former Chief Happiness

Officer at the Belgian Ministry for Social Security, has developed a strategy on how to make organisations more successful, agile and efficient. The importance of happiness at work is at the heart of her philosophy.

Laurence was CHRO of the year 2012 in Belgium and author of Happy RH (Ed. La Charte).



ARNAUD DE MEESTER Owner of iungoSport, Triabel Association and + Triathlete


Arnaud de Meester is one of those people who never stay in place! Whether it is in the development of his new mobile application, iungoSport, the organization of his own triathlon, the Belman International Triathlon, his training sessions, his races, his conferences on surpassing itself, his event's company or as the father of two children, believe us, his days are full. 

Arnaud is a pro in the long-distance triathlon, he has done 10 ironman's distances and 2 double ironman. Right now he is preparing his new challenge: the 666 Icelandic Challenge. It is an ultra triathlon of 6 km swim, 600 km biking and 60 running in less than 50 hours, through the beautiful landscapes of Iceland. As he started 6 years ago with 6 km race and his now doing 666 km race, Arnaud and his team have developed their own recipe on how to go beyond your limits and become your own champion. 


MATHILDE VERA Co-Founder of Better Me Foundation (Kenya) + Manager at a Consulting Company


Mathilde Vera successfully combined her thrive for learning with her passion for travelling.

She has worked in administrative environment in South Africa and Mauritius, co-founded Better Me Foundation based in Kenya, and is now based in Belgium working as a manager for a consulting company. 

The 2017 Master of Ceremony

David Zaruk


David is an environmental-health risk governance analyst and a professor at Odisee University College and Université Saint-Louis in Brussels. He sits on various research ethics panels and frequently serves as an chair, expert, rapporteur, ethics adviser or evaluator for European-funded research projects. David worked twelve years in chemicals issue management for Solvay, Cefic and Burson-Marsteller. In 2001, he was one of the founders of GreenFacts, a science-based risk communications tool for non-specialists. He writes a blog under the pseudonym: The Risk-Monger, assessing the European use of evidence in environmental-health policy management. 

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